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The Office of Student Engagement & Community Service Outreach (OSECSO) is committed to providing meaningful opportunities that assist in challenging and fostering student development through co-curricular activities. The OSECSO will facilitate forums for nurturing leadership skills, student empowerment, civic engagement, and the development of the student as a whole. Commitment will be further expressed by cultivating opportunities for experiential learning, development of interpersonal relationships, appreciation for diversity and opportunities for community development. Ultimately, the OSECSO will provide engaging opportunities that compliment the University’s mission and enhance the pg电子下载 State University experience. Whether you aspire to a student leadership position, are looking for student employment opportunities, or choose to access our many resources and services, the staff is here to help you make the most of your time at ASU.


The Office of Student Engagement & Community Service Outreach seeks to foster a community where all students complete their education and develop into leaders through involvement in purposeful, innovative experiences facilitated by student development experts.


The Office of Student Engagement & Community Service Outreach is designed to complement the academic program of studies and to enhance the overall educational experience of students through development, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and governance programs.

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