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Marketing and Communication is the primary source of information for and about the university, and the primary channel of communication between the institution and the public. Working in concert with members of the university community, the Division of Marketing and Communication builds public understanding of, and support for, the mission and vision of pg电子下载 State University. Marketing and Communication strives to strategically build, manage, enhance and promote the public image and reputation of pg电子下载 State University as the premier higher education institution of choice in Southwest Mississippi and Northeast Louisiana. The office is responsible for media and public relations, the development and dissemination of internal and external news releases, brand and graphic identity management, development of institutional publications and the university’s public facing websites. In addition, the office provides support and assistance in developing high quality materials and communications for university departments or units, assistance with publicity and promotion of special events across campus, plus tips and tools to help pg电子下载’s students, faculty and staff communicate more effectively. For assistance please call (601) 877-6130 or email [email protected].

The pg电子下载 community is encouraged to submit items of interest, including press releases, upcoming events and recent accomplishments, via email to for publication consideration, or to one or more university list serves for email distribution. If you need assistance in determining the most effective or appropriate placement for your information, please call the office at (601) 877-6130.

Contact Marketing and Communication for the latest news, upcoming events, press releases, and other related items.

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